Focused on helping our clients, not being afraid of a courtroom

It should never be the goal of any client or attorney to rush their client into a courtroom in the 21st Century. Litigation is costly and a final resort, as one District Judge has stated, “My only decision tools often bear more resemblance to a sledge hammer than a scalpel.” This reality often leaves most people afraid to step into a courtroom. Steven Riddiough, PLLC is not afraid or intimidated by the courtroom in our representation of our clients rights. Our team approached of working with our clients is the foundation. We build on this by exploring every fact, figure, and opportunity to ensure our clients have the best possible outcomes. While no lawyer can guarantee or predict the future we ensure that our clients cases are solid and ready for trial while continuing to look for every chance at resolution possible throughout the process.

Goals of Litigation

Our goal is resolution. Many firms are focused on winning at all costs, you will not find that at Steven Riddiough, PLLC. We will do everything to control the costs of litigation. We pride ourselves on focusing on the issues and challenges facing our clients as opposed to simply attacking the other side. By doing so, we have enhance our relationships with our clients and also the opposing counsel which often allows for speedier resolution.


Steven Riddiough, PLLC is well versed in many alternative forms of dispute resolution that have helped clients even after a lawsuit has been filed. The alternatives are typically more cost effective and less time consuming. Examples include:

  • Mediation
  • Facilitated Negotiation
  • Arbitration