These are not the contracts lawyers learn in law school …

Government Contracts are not the contracts that anyone is taught in law school. They are creatures of statute and over 180 years of public procurement law. In order to understand a government contract one must understand processes, options, administrative directives, statutes, and most importantly an understanding that the rules that applied everywhere else do not.

It is important to have an experience, knowledge, and technical skills to resolve issues involving an opponent that may be protected by a form of immunity.

The staff at Steven Riddiough, PLLC has over a decade of experience of being on the “inside” of the government and know how to resolve disputes. Having an experience contracting officer on your side is likely the difference between success and a substantial amount of headache and expense.

Areas of government contracts we deal with include:

  • Formation
    • Bid Review
    • Proposed Contract Drafting and Review
    • Award/Bid Protest – pre-award and post-award
  • Unauthorized Change Orders
  • Audit Issues
  • Avoiding Litigation
  • Contract Disputes
  • Payment Issues
  • Contract Administration
  • Small Business Government Contracts
  • Contract Terminations
  • Teaming/Joint-Venture Agreements
  • Freedom of Information Act