In today’s world, everyone needs a partner in solving their problems. We do not need consultants, vendors, or business associates – We Need Partners. Partners value relationships, founded on integrity, and a held together by a genuine desire to see success for each other.

To this end we do not focus on our client’s as revenue streams but as a relationship. We have built our practice to be very mobile friendly allowing our clients to access all of our resources by any form of communication we could imagine, including text messaging directly to our firm. We believe everybody that requests an initial consultation should be able to do so without a charge. We utilize only the most secure storage systems for our client files and give all of our client’s access to their case file remotely.

We also believe in meeting people where they are. While we have offices in downtown, we prefer to meet our clients where they are … seeing an attorney should not be a burden, but a sigh of relief.

We just do things differently and feel that our client’s deserve it.